COVID-19 has put a lot of our lives on a momentary pause. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get anything productive done in your time of social distancing. You can utilize your extra time at home to enhance your online presence and help grow your business. We have compiled some tips for you to apply to your current business, or to add to a new business you intend to start.


While you probably think you have the information someone would need to learn about your business on your website, chances are there will still be questions. You want to make it easy for people to get in touch with you. The best way is to set up a contact form on your site. Depending on your platform you may or may not have that already integrated; but don’t worry if it’s not a part of your template, there are many services that can provide that for you. You can also have people message you through your social media platforms, just make sure you are on top of checking those inboxes.

7 Best Contact Form Plug-Ins for WordPress


Google and other search engines are the major source of traffic for most websites. By learning basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques you can make your website more search engine friendly and increase traffic to your website. To get traffic from search engines you’ll need content, which means lots of writing! But avoid “fluff”, it can confuse your readers and search engine bots for optimization.


Content marketing is a proven strategy, and highly effective, to market your business on a small budget while giving value to your audience. This strategy requires you to create useful and relevant content, which will attract and build an audience. This allows you to receive more targeted traffic from search engines. The biggest advantage of content marketing is having strong keywords. Do your research, and build your content using keywords your targeted audience may be searching.

Tips to Optimize Keyword List


Social media platforms have highly engaged audiences. It’s free to create a profile on most platforms, and with so many users you can easily put your business in front of thousands of potential consumers. But it’s not enough just to have an account, you have to be social (that is the whole idea right?). The key is to keep your profiles active, grow your following, and bring traffic back to your website. The amount of times you post and the type of content you post will vary based on your type of business. Research will help, but you may also need to test to see what works best for your engagement.


Networking is a great resource which can help get your business out in front of an audience who may not see it otherwise. Networking doesn’t take much of an effort from you. It involves reaching out to other businesses who are in your industry, but not directly competing for the same buyers. Even the smallest of businesses can network together to expand their reach, joining forces can be a benefit for all parties involved. So don’t be shy and start reaching out.

How To Network Like a Pro

These tips may seem simple enough but they can truly boost your audience and traffic. So while you’re practicing social distancing and staying home, try focusing your energy on improving these techniques to help grow your business, even if there are other things holding it back. Our main goal is to help businesses succeed, if you need help with marketing we have a team that can provide you with those tools. Contact us to see how we can help you today.