The skin, being the largest organ, is affected by all your lifestyle choices including your workouts. Because exercising gets your heart rate up which increases blood circulation, and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin which can promote collagen production which keeps the skin looking glowing and fresh, not to mention is helpful for anti-aging.


However, with all the benefits that working out gives your skin there are some issues that may occur, so an adjustment in your skincare routine can help resolve any problems brought on by exercise. Bacteria is the biggest culprit leading to poor skin. When working out it’s wise to use a dry clean towel to wipe away sweat. Using your hands to wipe off sweat can introduce bacteria and dirt into your open pores which leads to breakouts. It’s also helpful to pat your face and neck dry rather than wiping to avoid harsh action to the skin. Once you’re done with your workout it’s important to change out of your sweaty clothing as soon as possible, staying in damp clothing can lead to clogged pores and body acne. You will also want to wash your face right away and follow up with a toner and moisturizer to rehydrate your skin.

Skin Care For the Gym

Woman gentle cleansing face


A post workout skin care routine is not all you need. It’s also helpful to have a pre workout routine for your skin. Breaking a sweat causes pores to open up, and if you’re wearing makeup your pores get clogged with a combination of sweat and oil. It’s good practice to carry disposable makeup removing wipes in your gym bag so you can clean up your face before working out. If you have longer hair it’s helpful to pull up, not only because hair in your face during a workout is annoying, but because your hair is full of oils (and possibly product) that can contribute to clogging pores. A hair tie is the best option but if you prefer hats or headbands be wary. Obviously both help keep the oil, sweat, and product residue away from your face but they can also trap all that creating breakouts on your forehead.

Skin Benefits From Exercise

While a cleanse is wise before a workout, it’s best to save your products for your post workout routine, for more reasons thaN the obvious one, you’ll sweat it right off. Skincare products work better when applied to clean skin and can be left on for the maximum amount of time. You also have more blood supply to the skin after a workout which enhances the products performance.

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